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Services & Procedures

Periodontal Procedures

Saving the Natural Dentition

There are many different treatments for patients with Periodontal Disease. They range from the most conservative (scaling and root planing) to those procedures which involve surgical treatment. Many times, scaling and root planing (SRP) will lead to decreased pockets and lessens the amount of surgical treatment necessary

Dental Implants

An Alternative to Missing Teeth

For almost a hundred years dentistry has tried, with limited success, to find a way to replace missing teeth with artificial teeth that attach to the jawbone. Forty-five years ago, the technique was perfected, and now hundreds of thousands of patients have dental implants placed each year.

Esthetic Enhancements

To Improve Your Smile

Today, more patients are seeking to improve their smile. However, even with new crowns or veneers, if the gum level is irregular, or if roots are exposed, the appearance will never be satisfactory. Periodontal plastic surgery addresses these issues, both with and without the use of crowns and veneers.

Dental Exams, Cleanings & Prevention

The Start of your Evaluation Process

Maintenance of dental health starts with early diagnosis, restoration of teeth and periodontium to health, maintenance with home care (by the patient), and professional cleanings.

Laser Gum Treatment

The Newest Technology Available for Periodontal Patient Care

The newest technology available for periodontal patient care is now available at Periodontics & Implant Dentistry PA. After much research into the world of laser periodontal treatment, Dr. Barry Wagenberg has…